Talking about the light...

Fall Cleanup Day is coming, October 21, 2017 - 10:00am
Everyone can help!

Please join us this Sunday, October 22, 2017.
First Day School is open at 10:00am
Meeting for Worship is at 10:00am as usual.
Fellowship 11:00am

Everyone is always welcome.

Lots of Happenings at Valley Friends Meeting

Last weekend's Forum, "Where do I get my strength?" was amazing. Everyone shared and learned. Thanks Amy Brier for hosting this.

Photo Tab update: If you click on the Photo tab on the menu above, you will be taken to just a few scenes of last weekend's celebrations of birthdays for Teddy Farren and Alice Walking. Also you will find links to the Meeting House tour and the July Baby Shower.

First Day School's "Burma Shave" signs are a big hit and we are taking suggestions for more signs.

New flower plantings have begun, the Zinnias are gone, and pansies were planted. However, it seems that our local deer have a taste for pansies, so hopefully, part of cleanup day will be planting chrysanthemums!

The support of St. Mary's Shelter for the Homeless begins a new drive. Originally this was to be a drive focusing on babies and small children. After dropping off the paper supplies from the last drive we discovered while talking to the staff, that the next drive's focus needs to change. They do not have any little childeren. They say that Christmas is already taken care of. But they did say that they are in need of cleaning supplies and pillows!
To learn more about St. Mary's click on the Outreach tab above.

We are hosting EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team)Sunday afternoon, October 22 from 2:00 - 6:00pm They are doing training "Philly Action Skills Training - Power Local Green Jobs."
For more details see our clerk, Marc Brier.

Finally, in other news, it may not be our Meeting, but a Friend alerts us of this upcoming event. It does sound nice!

Valley Friends Meeting
1121 Old Eagle School Road
Wayne, PA 19087

Clerk: Marc Brier


Valley Friends Meeting is a member of Haverford Quarterly Meeting, which is part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and is affiliated with Friends General Conference (FGC).

We invite you to join us.

We worship in the traditional manner of Quakers in this plain, unadorned room. With no prearranged service we settle into silent worship, center our thoughts, and expectantly wait to enter into direct personal communion with God as we experience the power in this gathered group.

Silent prayer and meditation are helpful aids. As we enter into worship we center both mind and body. Recalling a remembered prayer, a meaningful quotation, or a Biblical verse can often lead us to the Divine Spirit. Each of us is seeking God's presence in ourselves and the gathered Meeting. You are invited to join us.

Worship may lead to new discovery or revelation which gives us fresh insight. At times we may be moved to share this gift with other worshipers and speak. As the silence continues we may feel closer to God and one another. At times the entire worship will be silent yet we still are bound together in the Unspoken Word.

The Meeting for Worship is concluded when two people on the facing bench, at the front of the room, shake hands. This gesture of loving communion spreads through the group. Following Meeting for Worship there is an opportunity for visitors to introduce themselves. At this time we share general announcements. We invite you to join with us in Divine Worship. You are welcome to join in our activities and to bring your children to our First Day School.

Last updated: 2017-10-17